Journalist Laments: Modern Women Can’t Tolerate Second Wives, Despite Our Fathers Marrying Up to 10.

Journalist Laments: Modern Women Can't Tolerate Second Wives, Despite Our Fathers Marrying Up to 10.

Emmanuel Onyeka Okoh, popularly known as Okwuluora, a Nigerian broadcaster, has expressed discontent with the changing expectations of marriage. In the past, our ancestors embraced a culture where men could have multiple wives, ranging from three to twenty, and these wives coexisted harmoniously, sharing love among themselves. However, Okwuluora observes a shift in modern attitudes, noting that contemporary women might find it challenging to accept the idea of being a second wife.

Emmanuel, who expressed his opinions on Facebook, was full of condemnation for contemporary women’s lack of respect for their spouses and lack of acceptance of polygamy.

The media professional called the situation sad, asking where the women learned such wickedness—a departure from the qualities their mothers displayed.

He wrote; “Our Fathers married 3 to 10 wives and all of them loved each other & also maximum respect for the husband! Ladies of today can’t even stand a second wife. Anya Ufu. Where una learn this wickedness from. Your Mothers were so good & accommodating. This is so SAD”

In other news, a Nigerian woman, identified as Chidinma, has expressed surprise at the ‘outrageous’ bride price list her brother-in-law received from his wife-to-be’s family.

Taking to Facebook, Chidinma revealed that the family of her brother-in-law’s fiancée, hailing from Rivers State, gave him an extensive list of items for their traditional marriage rites.

According to her, she had always believed that families from Imo State held the record for the highest bride price lists, given their reputation for lavish marriage ceremonies. However, her perception shifted upon seeing the list from Rivers State.

Sharing photos of just 2 out of the 13 parts of the bride price list, she revealed that she chose not to share the remaining part for personal reasons.

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